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  1. Hello Moosey, 3 Days in and I'm lovin it. I will round out the first 1000 klms very soon as I drive heaps up and down to work. Motoring Journo's have knocked the 4Control but I think it works well and the paddle heights are perfect for my smaller hands if you use the 10 to 2 position on the wheel. All the fit and finsish was excellent and the car was presented fabulousley by the dealer. I have had the car detailed inside and out. I chose the Hydro Protektiv product. Time will tell if it lives up to thier claims. More to come as I drive it further and move past the run in phase. Cheers & Safe Roads all.
  2. Hello Folks, Collected my new car today. Totally smitten. 14 klms at collection and ran up to 262 klms today. 1000 klms will come up pretty quick. Loads to learn with the settings. Fun Fun Fun. I have plans to attend the Renault Round up at Carribean Gardens on Feb 16th. I hope to meet some drivers, share stories and check eacj others cars. Cheers & Safe Travels.
  3. I tnink it will be Renault Warrigul they are part of the Barry Bourke Dealership.
  4. G'Day Folks, Dealer called its ready. Rego gets done on Monday. I collect it early Tuesday morn. A nice leasurley drive back from Geelong to the Sth East burbs.
  5. Hello, I did my research and found the Cup variant auto for my liking and profile. Good all round fun and firm enough for drives in the hills. Don't let the reviewers bios you to take a softer sports option. End of month or end of year is good. Good deals now as 2018 models are still around new and 2019 will need to move to make way for any upgardes next year. No new variant on the horizen except the Trophy. Buy now and enjoy now. You can wait forever and debate over $$$. Great advice in here. weigh it all up; and dive right in. I pick up my new 2019 Cup in 2 weeks. Cheers and Safe Roads
  6. Welcome. Are you looking to go to the track with her or just a daily drive

    1. Lloyd Clarke

      Lloyd Clarke

      Open to track days. But she will live most of the week freeway cruising. Weekends I'll blow cobwebs out.


  7. Dear Members, Hello, As I write I have yet to collect my brand new 2019 Megane RS Cup Auto in white. I am very excited to be owning my first Renualt. I am very keen to learn more about this product from owners and hope to add my thoughts and feedback over time. I have owned a VW Golf GTD which I enjoyed but never a real sports hatch. It was close and the new Hyundai i30 Fastback N almost had me but, I kept coming back to the Megane after watching many reviews and taking a demo for good drive. Anyhow. Hello, and I'll see you in the Threads. Safe Roads Lloyd.
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