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ozRS Country Bakery Run - Sun Nov 15th - VIC - See Social Events section for details/RSVP


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  1. Its a fantastic place but just rather secluded from the rest of the world. Some great uphill roads in the south island (and some not so great roads since the earthquakes) which are super enjoyable to just go for a quick 40 minute hill climb. Traveling is a tough one with kids!
  2. Yeah I've only ever seen one other RS Meg and never seen a Clio at all here. Its very difficult being so far away from any kind of Renault part sellers etc 😕 Appreciate it man!
  3. Im from Christchurch Dont have enough pics just yet 😕 Are you also from NZ?
  4. Hey Guys Secured a 2013 Megane RS265 roughly 2 months ago and loving it! Was relatively hard to find a decent 265 in New Zealand as the Renault scene here is almost non-existent. I have plans in the future to track it and mod it but that's much further down the line. Hopefully I can find some helpful tips and people here
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