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    Decision time...

    Yeah not looking for a pristine show car but that said want something thats fairly well looked after, a "cheap" car can quickly become a moneypit if not looked after. Im not in a hurry, happy to wait for a car id be happy with.
  2. Jsp510

    Decision time...

    Hey guys, great info here, you guys are a wealth of knowledge! Im trying to decide on a suitable vehicle for my needs but may need some direction. I want something that is a suitable trackday weapon (mainly winton) and still being relitively usable on road (ie still standard interior). I had an evo which fitted into this category but decided to sell to fund another project. The bug has come back after 4 years and im thinking a rs250/265 cup or a clio as a good option and maybe even a little more exciting than the evo which was a tad boring it was so planted. Hoping to be somewhere around the 1.35 - 1.37 range at winton, but no idea if thats likely. Im happy to run a good semi like a hankook z221 or a yok ao50, love to mod for laptime so engine, brakes, suspension, alignment all a major part of the fun for me and not a drama as i have a daily to cover this. Am i on the right track with this, any help or advice you can offer would be greatly welcomed, Cheers John
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