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  1. Talked to owner and he said he has never used it as instructors vehicle in his 3.5 years of ownership. He said previous owner may have so its not too bad.
  2. Maybe ill stick to the 197, I like the look better and might be a cheaper and safer option
  3. Might get offended. lmao how about 6?
  4. Might show up with 7k and see how it goes. looks like it has no rego either. Looked up on NSW rego check and it had these notes? Anyone know what this means 87 MODIFIED AS PER REPORT NUMBER - 1100211200127MP ISSUED 11/6/2012. LEFT HAND SIDE BRAKE/CLUTCH PEDALS Q5 DUAL CONTROL VEHICLE - AS PER CONDITION 87. 1100211200127MP ISSUED 11/6/2012
  5. Do you recommend doing a gearbox oil change and adding this additive as soon as I get it?
  6. Is it still that expensive if I do basic maintenance myself, including oil changes, and fluid changes
  7. I've been thinking of buying a Clio 197. I've read up on the gearbox issues. Did this also affect the 2010 model? Other than gearbox synchro issues, what other things should I look out for? I've found one on carsales for 7k or so with 150000Km. Also wanted to know what the fuel economy is like as a daily driver. Thanks. Any advice would be appreciated! Link to carsales. Check out this 2010 Renault Clio Sport 197 Manual. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2010-Renault-Clio-Sport-197-Manual/SSE-AD-6471498
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