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  1. Ok, seems like I've stirred up a hornet nest. In the last month I've only bought fuel from Bp. I have averaged 11.2 lt per 100km. Now this is a daily drive of 22klms, 6 days a week. I have included dispatching the odd bogan with his atmo car who thinks he's got a chance! Will be doing 7/11 next. At spending $30 a week at BP, still need to reserch this further. Plus making bogans in there 6 cylinder feel inadequate.
  2. On a sub note, i run valvoline mst 5w40 C2. Mainly cause i can get it cheap. It's good to be a mechanic sometimes.
  3. Go Uk. The market is bigger, thier are people who give a dam about performance. And the postage makes ours look stone age.
  4. Ta! Not big on the noise factor. Will put the bucks to the handling.
  5. Give you some idea, I'm in the trade. Now i need a pressure sensor for my a/c. Renault part (at trade) $276.35. A nissan equivalent - $205. Out of the UK, (including postage) $55. I know about the Honda tax with helping a mate rebuild his dc2 typeR, but this is highway robbery!
  6. Ok, I'm new to this french thing, but the old school teaching makes me ask. Is a bov worth fitting over the recirculation system? I can see an efficiency gain, but is it worth the $400+? Not looking for brutal ponies, but would like a better ride. Feedback from those who fitted the KTR kit much appreciated.
  7. Owned nissan's for most, been trained by them too. Didn't want another be another pleb in a gti. So i choose different. Very happy. 

  8. Yes it would, it has a more flexible engine management hard/soft ware than the Renault which is tuned for more inflexible applications.
  9. I am enthusiastic about the debate, but in all sense - 98 octane fuel is great with a turbo. And good for an atmo with over 10:1 comp. We can all hope that one day we can get euro/jap spec fuel. But don't hold your breath. I'm getting 11lt per 100km with using bp over October. Caltex is the next. Keep you posted.
  10. Aib668

    Bang for buck?

    I hope not! That's just what i got. Not worried, paid 3k_ insured for 7.
  11. Ok, i have been steered to BP ulimate by advice from tuner friends, but they all have atmo"s. Can i run E85? Or is there somthing better than BP? Yes, Elf would be nice, but an't none of them servos about in brisvegis.
  12. Aib668

    Bang for buck?

    Before the pulsar, i had many a fine car. AE 86 levain, 2 skylines (R30 GT and R31 Gts-t) and V8 torana"s. So, what"s the best bang for buck?
  13. Build it, and they will be in your rear vision mirror! 

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