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  1. Great reply thanks for taking the time.
  2. how did it affect the 2 modes. Did the 35hp increase affect both modes equally? What did you notice about tune where was the improvement most obvious? Thanks again for the feedback
  3. Thanks safetyman what sort of power increase did it make
  4. thanks for the info and pics guys. I've heard etuners are good, Would imagine they could still do a mild tune that doesn't compromise the vehicles integrity??
  5. Hi all, Recently purchased a Meg 3 265 and loving it. But of course the mods start now right? A few questions if I could ...and yes Ive search the forum at length Jeez there's lots of info but I'm mainly hitting Clio data? I intend to vinyl wrap the roof and was wondering is the end the aerial clips to the loom accessible from the inspection door on the drivers side of the boot or do I need to remove the boot skin? Also has anyone had success with spacers and extended bolts if so where did you get them and what type. Id like to come out 10 to 15mm on the back maybe
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