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  1. I believe it is actually a espace v6 airbox but same difference haha and should still be a big improvement with an air feed and K&N filter. My suspicion is either the ITG filter is immensely old(although still shouldn't break down) or was previously oiled with something that broke down the foam ☠️
  2. I've started spending money on her already 😂 wanting to put the phase 1 airbox back on so gave the ITG filter that came with the car a wash except it crumbled to dust as soon as I tried to clean it haha, must be very old! Unable to find another ITG filter to replace it I ended up settling for a K&N one which I am sure will be just as good (definitely better than the hot air intake currently on the car)
  3. Thank you Moosey! My brother took me for a drive in it yesterday and it seems very healthy for the km's it has, must have been well loved by the previous forum members haha. La23s gave me all his spares including another set of wheels and black interior conversion pieces which should help piece the interior more solidly together and maybe remove a few notorious rattles haha!
  4. I took delivery of Phase 1 #38 today. The plan is to give the car a massive tidy up and maybe some mods in the future, I am actually physically handicapped and legally cannot drive the car on the road as such I am a little hesitant to throw money at mods I may not get to enjoy haha
  5. Never mind certainly sounds like #60 takes the cake for most owned hahaha
  6. How many member owners has #60 had Dave? 😂😅
  7. It may well have had the highest number of forum owners out of all the 85 PH1 haha 😂
  8. From reading the 'Phase 1 Register' I can see the car has been owned by roughly 9 people including forum members ArgieBargie, Mercury172, Silver172, Gezza and La23s. I am wondering if there is any way to tag members in posts to notify them? (I have already spoken significantly to La23s but would love as much information as possible)
  9. Thank you for posting that Walkie, it's good to see it has been owned by forum members for a decent amount of time.
  10. Hello ozrenaultsport community, New member here from Adelaide. I'm looking for any and all information I can find about Clio Phase 1 #38 as I understand it has been owned by a few members of this forum as well as the aussiefrogs forum, including Gezza. If anyone can provide any history on this car I would be super appreciative, especially if you are a previous owner. Kind regards, Lucas
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