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  1. Haha I love that you've just hijacked the post LOL. Have you consider break boosting from second?? Nah, I dont engage the clutch slowly. This was a major difference i notice while i still had my 07 xr5 Focus. I couldnt get the focus to act the same no matter what i did but with R.S. it apparently prefers the clutch at higher rev's. Let us know how you go with the race.
  2. Hey, thanks for the reply, yeah i've been experimenting a little i think you're right, I get it less at high rpm for the lower gears, 1 & 2. I've also experienced less jerkiness when coming off slower as apposed to just coming off the throtle and waiting a sec before engaging clutch. At least, its not just my car...
  3. Hey all, So I've done it, bought 2013 Meg 265 and loving it. But I've got questions regarding shifting out of first (and second), hoping you guys can clarify. Here's what happens, when driving in first gear and when i engaging the clutch the car will shudder. I've mentioned this in my last post. But if i wait a little after releasing the throttle, then push in the clutch i dont get the shudder. So basically I cant push in the clutch straight away like did in xr5 i used to have, instead i have to wait between for half a second first before engaging the clutch. Is that usual f
  4. Hey All quick update, I'm currently looking at getting 2014. I'm a little concerned though cause it looks like 2014s had a face lift but the car I'm looking at, pictured below, looks like the 2013? It is possible that this car is still 2014 or am i being taken for a ride?
  5. Hey Safetyman, Yes it is the cover just under the engine and that's just it. It could be this benign issue of a slightly sloppy oil change or something else.... I couldn't see any other causes or leaks else where. There wasn't any weeping from the bolts on top either. I might try to call the place where the car was serviced and see what info they can give me. Unlikely though that they will remember the car or the work. They may not even want to give out any info as I don't own the car... The owner comes back soon though so there's no need to rush things. Thanks again
  6. Hey Dave, I was really hoping it was something benign. The car was serviced on 20 may 19, would you still expect residual oil to stick around that long? To Docmattic, I'm in Sydney, might keep looking locally for a couple more weeks. (Just re-read your comment and realised you didnt mean to sell but to get a better understanding, haha. Whoops, thanks a lot though!) the shudder is an interesting phenomenon... I didnt experience it at all in the 2012 trophy i drove yesterday but today's 2013 trophy had a little shudder depending on how I pressed the clutch through the friction
  7. Yeah i love the xenon lights too. I saw the car yesterday, he wasnt really ready budge on price and wanted to negotiate who would pay for the service and part when it comes to the repair. I've left that alone for now. Today I saw 2013 Trophy, it was in pretty good nic but there was some oil leaking at one of the bolts of the plastic housing I think its called the crank case. This kind of concerned me not really being to well read on cars. Pictures to demonstrate. Any ideas on how serious this could be? I know it's hard to guess without being there. Thanks again.
  8. Hey guys, Thanks again, for the input, its pretty re-assuring. I'm still looking for the right meg at this point but had some follow up questions. Regarding the clutch, is this a universal experience, where there is always clutch shudder in first gear or is there something I can do differently. Also, I'm considering a 2012 or (2013) now, after the 2015 guy turned out a little dodgy, long story, but it has a broken lock on the drivers side.... Any advice on that. The seller is telling me that the part will cost $550 to replace with new genuine part but I'm also worried that it
  9. Hey Guys, Thanks a lot for your replies! It's awesome to hear from real people who actually own the cars that the Megs aren't a nightmare. From everything said they seem quiet reasonable cheers. Can't to make a purchase will keep you updated.
  10. Hey Guys, I'm new to this forum and will hopefully have a Meg of my own soon, coming from a ford focus xr5. I've got some concerns about long term reliability. At least two mechanics I know have told me to stay away from European cars including the Meg... So I was wondering if there are any long term issues or common issues that are gonna cost me??? Also, and this might just be my driving, but I test drove 3 Megane's last saturday, 2013 -250, 2013- 265 Trophy, 2015- 265 cup and every time i press down the clutch in first and sometime second there was a shudder through the car. Wa
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