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    My first Renault

    Glad you're enjoying the RS, black looks great when it's just washed and polished (which you need to do pretty much every day with black cars) A lot of people are surprised at how punchy they are and with that flat handling and those exaust burbles and pops, many claim it reminds them of discount A45 Mercs or even Alfa 4Cs; Now onto do biggest point and the one relating to negative comments from car reviewers as well as your own - EDC and it's shift speed and responsiveness; The shift speed of Clio's EDC is ok in sport mode (fast but with a bit of a kick) and is proper dct snapp
  2. I agree in terms of ZF8 auto being the best 'jack of all trades' gearbox now - it's still a smooth torque coverter auto for putting around in traffic, is almost as fast as DCTs and will be much more reliable; i think DCTs are slowly going the way of single-clutch automated manuals - obsolete tech bar a few high strung expensive supercars until they're all replaced by a electric cars; Sometimes i have a look at Giulia Veloces on carsales, but they're still a lot of money for something that might be in a shop more often then we'd like to admit;
  3. Hi guys I'm seriously looking at purchasing a 2014- 2015 Clio RS 200 as their prices have fallen towards a $15k mark, with around 40-60k km on the odo; Reasoning behind it is: i have a $15 -$16k budget and i want a smaller car (tight parking spots where i live and work) that is practical (5 dr and a hatch - would need to drive kids and do shopping duties if needed), has a bit of a punch with an auto (wife would be occasional driver, so no manual) not too bad on fuel and still has some actual style and Clio RS 200 has caught my eye lately as it ticks all of those boxes; Now, buy
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