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  1. Hey Everyone, I just got my front brake pads replaced and went with the BORG and BECK Performance pads and rotors as the ones when I got the car started to squeal and was replaced with said pads and rotors, After the change to these ones I've noticed the squeal is louder and is actually worse than before. Does anyone know of BORG and BECK pads and rotors do this normally? I've taken it back and they may need to get a warranty on the brake pads and perhaps rotors but they also said they may check my back brakes to. Would that be necessary as I've had a major
  2. Heya @NTRDR, You're awesome! Thanks so much for your help! Will definitely purchase some of the headlights bulbs and have noticed my brakes have been squeaking for a while so "may" invest in some new brake pads to Also, was also keen on getting some new tires for Ren(I've names the car I know off but yeah haha). I have Maxxtrek tyres on ATM (never even heard of them before in my life. So was wondering if you'd know what to recommend on terms of tyres? If there's anything else you can recommend I'd appreciate it. This is my first Renault Megane RS265 so an
  3. Hey guys, Thanks for the replies, will definitely have a look at what you have suggested... Here's another pic of the headlights @NTRDR that I hope is better Hope you all are having a good day 😁
  4. Heya everyone, Just recently joined up (am a bit late joining but oh well, better late then never) as I recently got myself a 2013 Renault Megane RS 265 Cup also wanted to say hello as well. Moving from a 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport this car is amazing! Absolutely enjoying it! First ever proper hot hatch so still in shock honestly. Also does anyone have any tips on where to start in terms of brake pads etc? I also do want to change the headlight bulbs as well (this may sound dumb BUT I think they are halogen could be wrong but yeah, any help will be appreciated) Thanks e
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