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  1. I spent a few months looking for one, committed to one interstate, flew down, drove home, had it sit in my garage for another 2 months waiting for money to blueslip, insure and register it, went through a few loops to get it registered in nsw and within a month it was rear ended and written off. A bit later I used the payout to buy my current liquid yellow which I found in a single weekend search lol.
  2. The car CAN run on 95, just not efficiently or well. This is more of a just in case you find yourself in an area with no 98 fuel. The higher octane allows the car to have the optimal timing for both power and efficiency. This is also the reason why on some vehicle you can get better economy from higher octane fuels and some others you can’t, it just depend what the manufacturer used for their base maps in the car. My mates V6 liberty runs like crap on all fuel in Australia because Subaru tuned it to run on Japanese 100 octane, it pings on 98 lol.
  3. Not really, but I found the Clio pings and retards the timing badly which is results in a super noticeable lack of power. I also found I get about 80km more using 98.
  4. I never touch Shell as it is always expensive and from my experience in multiple cars, have had timing retard after filling with their 98. My old Caldina was tuned for E85 only so was always from United. My White RS got BP Ultimate and Costco 98 (Casula Station) and I have found no problems with either. One of the guys I was chatting with back in the day when I had my Celica worked for one of the servos and pretty much all the fuel comes in from the same sources and then additives are added to bring the RON up to the desired level and whatever injector cleaner they decide to add. The
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