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  1. Yeah , buy @63x1092's Clio 2 , they are amazing , and his is black!!! (wink wink)
  2. Get yourself a brake bleed kit as well as a Piston Pusher And do a brake fluid change while you are at it its easy to do and you wont need 2 people , personally recommend Motul RBF600 for street and light track day use , grab 2 bottles. you will notice a huge difference in braking , alot more responsive , spend some time on Youtube and if still uneasy get a mate to come around. for under $100 + pads and some of your time the safety and stopping distance gained is well worth the trouble , also handy tools to have to help family and friends with their cars also. Never heard of Maxxtrek either , probably some cheap dealer/mechanic tyres bought at bulk, With tyres i personally stick with Bridgestone but have heard great things about Conti Sport Contact 5 from Continental which are all season tyres , depending on your wallet first and foremost i would just stick with summer tyres due to the power output of the car but if mileage is a concern try to find sport-touring tyres , they are a mix between regular sports and touring so they offer a good amount of grip without sacrificing tread wear too much when planting it , they also do OK in the wet (bridgestone t001's as an example). tyres ultimately come down to personal preference though , i will never understand the type of person who complains about tyre noise but then again i never hear them over my exhaust noise even with the windows up anyway :)
  3. @Schwiftysport24 those are definitely non projector , halogen housings. You would be safe with those bulbs i linked provided you buy the H7 (but please double check your manual or local supercheap auto/autobarn/repco to be 100% sure) I suggest you buy 1 set , see how you like them then go for a second. it will be easier to install with the fan variety as i would not put it past the french to make it incredibly difficult to install bulbs on the megane as well. The fans offer the highest power output/brightness compared to the heatsink , but as aforementioned just make sure you angle them properly. when you get them , with your highbeams make sure the LED's are facing UP and DOWN , with your lowbeams i would suggest the same but depending on the output you may be ok with side to side as the beam looks like it will get cut off at a certain angle anyway. Once you go down some dark streets and you flip on the highbeams with those NightEyes you won't ever go back to a standard bulb ever again , just remember doesn't matter what highbeams you have you will still blind oncoming traffic adjacent to you so common courtesy applies (i.e don't drive around with your Hi Beams on all the time) They arn't difficult to install you could certainly do it yourself but just make sure you have a firm grip so you don't drop it in the undertray (i have done it before ...it is not fun)
  4. Welcome @Schwiftysport24 , powerbulbs is telling me you have H7 as your lowbeam and highbeam , based on photo's ive seen from the front of your car if i have the right model , one is a projector housing (will look abit like a magnifying lens) and the other is halogen. On my Clio my lowbeams are projector and highbeams halogen so i am going to assume it is the same just for the time being , if you can take a photo of your front i can tell you exactly. For projector beams if you want a decent set of lights you will need to invest in a HID (high intensity discharge) kit at 4700k-5000k max , otherwise just run any reputable brand bulb if your not bothered. However with the highbeams i strongly recommend buying LED and i highly recommend these , they come with a ABS plastic skirt that is moveable so you should be able to get the right angle , they are only 36w per bulb so they use less power then a conventional bulb and when aimed correctly to the design of your headlights they are super..super bright , you won't want to go back to any conventional bulb after that and if you do it correctly you won't blind oncoming traffic unless your car is on highbeams and they are adjacent to you within a small distance at night (which your highbeams should be off anyway). In terms of beam length they fall abit short of a conventional bulb , but in terms of clarity in a 160-190* angle in front of you especially if you like going for night drives around corners fast nothing on the market compares , unless you wanna spend money on another HID kit but even then they don't last as long and 9 times out of 10 they will burn your headlight housing if you get anything over 55w generally as the heat they generate is substantial without any proper cooling , compare the Nighteye and any HID kit for example , the nighteyes have either a fan or a heatsink and the HID kits have nothing. In terms of brake pads id snap up a set from Sparesbox as they have a sale at the moment that most stores won't be able to match , these are what you want to be using , especially if you have OEM brembos brake calipers (which i assume you do). Important note: don't put LEDs in any projector housing , you will have beam scatter and it will be an absolute nightmare and you will have fuck all visibility. i speak from experience.
  5. Welcome , you won't have to wash it as much as i wash mine (black) haha. good thing about white is it still looks clean even if its dirty.
  6. @Haakon wow , thanks for the knowledge. its really awesome to know , well i stand corrected and i feel abit more confident in the reliability of my car now :) , helpful to know the new MK4 RS is the joint venture between Nissan and Renault.
  7. @Deb @Moosey where can i get one of these stickers , located in SYD.
  8. True , Ok then hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 @DOOOOK @mojo damn man! your my hero , definitely owe you one Mojo.
  9. i did , trying to convince the girlfriend to get one for her next car as her parents are buying another house soon and they need another car , went to the dealership and thats when i fell in love with the akra exhaust and the fancy electronic popping, i do want one but i need the constant mental stimulation from driving manual otherwise i get bored and fall asleep driving regular automatic. had around 12 cars in my life and around 10 motorcycles so far and all have been manual. only auto i drive from time to time is my mums car to fill up fuel and service it. @Deet
  10. @Apu you are partially correct , but i think the clio still has the edge. with the clio you predominately hang around 3k rpm in any given gear normal driving and power gets going around 4000 to 5500rpm but the torque is there from 3000 with the fn2 its slightly similar , off memory its 3500 for the fn2 normal driving but then its 5200-5400rpm for the crossover between 3k-5200 rpm on the fn2 there is practically no torque the car behaves like a turbo... lags then kicks in between 3k-5000 rpm the clio has alot more torque and is actually going by that point , i do notice after 5000rpm's or so on the clio even though my speed is increasing it feels like it flatspots whereas in the FN2 it just keeps pulling. Real world actual speeds might be similar hence what you said about the VTEC-like hole Really keen to go up against an FN2 sometime and see how it compares real world , obviously driver skill and reaction also plays a big part , i will always love my Honda's but i feel the Clio is just in a different tier. Would be awesome to come do a track day with you , its actually nice to know someone who delves in both cars and enjoys them for what they are.
  11. @Apu depends on whose driving haha , but yeah you are absolutely right. real world scenario nothing is perfect but i speak from experience with the honda's i have had , 1 single miss-shift or not always being able to drop a gear and go straight into vtec against a car with equal power you lose...every single time. hence why i am really keen to see on the track and the drag strip how the little RS compares with some basic bolt ons and a tune.
  12. @DBG6 , Thanks man. i have honestly been running around in circles trying to get wheels for this car. most places chuck my car in the "too hard" basket and don't want to legitimately help me , they take my details down then don't help i have to chase them up. i don't know everything about cars especially when it comes to wheels and fitments but i am slowly learning. I sent them an email, can't wait for them to get back to me. if i can get a set of 17s that fit with my criteria for under $2000 ill be an extremely happy chappy.
  13. Thanks Timbo , yeah i have had alot of cars and done alot of research. Its tuned from the factory and same goes with any NA car. For me its the first car i have ever got a tune on and i would never go the turbo route unless they made the MK4 RS manual because the sound is heaven. If i can make the Clio as fast as or even slightly faster then my old civic FN2 without spending $5000 to do it then ive accomplished my goal. So far only $1475 down and thats not bad for 15-20hp over stock. @ttimbo
  14. i would be interested to see how my clio goes down the street against a FN2 once i get my tune done. On paper the FN2 does 0-100 in 6.6 and the Clio RS 200 6.9 After i tune it without going on the dyno i will see around 20-25hp max over stock without adding a turbo and a little more torque. If you have any mates that go to eastern creek wednesday drags i would be keen next week @Apu
  15. @dn2blue ahh my bad , still learning the forums. all good now. I did my front brake pads the other day with a mechanic mate of mine so i am familiar with the process , have not done rears yet. Its easier if you have 2 people , if you are doing pads make sure you keep the brake fluid topped up as you don't want any air in your lines.
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