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  1. someone say audio upgrade? thanks to Amplified Automotive in Epping.
  2. i like the look of that, its like the perrin one for the wrx but worried about access to filter
  3. any recommendations on cold air intakes? a lot of guys are saying there isn’t much except pod filter ones which defeat the purpose as a lot of heat from back of engine bay.
  4. wow that spelling was terrible....
  5. rang them again, mom guessing you might be right. a lot more helpful. but they don’t do tubes or mods etc. Spoke to gordy at etuners he was great and just trying to find a intake system now
  6. oh and the civic type r as a weekend car. handles like nothing i’ve ever had. Renault reminds me of it
  7. i nuts, 0-100 in just in 3 seconds everyday bit different from their one. gearbox etc. vw really upped their game. would have loved to keep my golf r. still on my driveway have to surrender it to pickles this week 😔
  8. just was lucky enough to be able to buy a new car every 6 -12 months and always had a few. and not to mention bikes. i did once get a warning from vicroads regarding not having a lmct lol plus i’m 42 first cars were 2 lj toranas at 14, datsun 200b sx, 1000, 1200, 3 1600 multiple ford escorts including rs 2000 every falcon from 1966 to fgx including xr xt and xb gt falcons mulitple falcon turbos multiple commodores from vb to ve monaro and 3 kingswoods peugeot gti 1986 honda crx import honda prelude 3 integra type R 1976 civic with a prelude engine fun lancer evo 7, gsr, ralliart, evo x wrx, 99, 2002, 2010, 2016 audi s4 and quattro v6 vw polo gti 2014 and 2017 ford ranger wild track tuned and lifted golf r 7.5 stage 3 monster megane rs!!!
  9. Hi everyone. Thought i’d drop a line and say thanks to all ozrs members for there help and replies. Ive owned a lot of cars, (246 to be exact) and honestly this is one of the best forums i’ve been in. i’m actually glad i bought a reno as i nearly bought one new when they came out from berwick reno and the rest drive thru the hills pushing well let’s just say enough. Definitely be looking at a new rs megane next year.
  10. yeah i called them. weren’t helpful at all. just wanting to book it on for a check over when i was trying to get a few things done. Sadi they’ll call back and never did
  11. i found a milltek full exhaust with high flow cat for $1400 what you guys think?
  12. Alpine affair also has a good reputation, but I have no idea where it is in Melbourne. there in ringwood,
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