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  1. I have fat Italian legs so it’d be interesting to try out the recaros! Honestly that’s what I’m looking for, something that is always fun to drive but able to keep standard (let’s see how long that would last ....). Maybe by the time the M3 is sold you could be selling! I hadn’t really looked at the A&D editions due to being scared about looking after that gorgeous paint but after reading a few threads it doesn’t seem too bad. I’d want to go down to 17” wheels however. Anyone know if the recaros being leather helps bolster wear? Wow! Brilliant that you got them with such low klms. The toro red is my fave colour and what I’d love to find. Hopefully once my cars are sold there’ll be some others on the market. There’s a private one in Vic on Carsales with some mods but not sure if I should stay clear ..
  2. I'm pretty used to having SFA torque down low, looking forward to having the direct feel though so that'll make up for it. Should be enough for overtaking on the highway I am assuming. The $3k repair sounds pretty nasty but if it's a one off it could be handled. The money I have thrown at the M3 is ridiculous ! Subframes, brakes, clutches, tyres (so many tyres) etc Wow.. lucky bloke! Are they both 200 Cups? Have you had both since new? Guessing there is no way to fit a megane box to a Clio
  3. Have seen a lot of photos of damaged bolsters so I believe that haha. Worst case a box needed to be rebuilt, what sort of $$$ am I looking at? Has your clio been ok? I found the power of the 265 to be pretty brisk but I think that I would quickly lose my licence. This is one of the issues with the M3, by the time you are getting anything out of it you are double the speed limit. I didn't mind the exhaust note on the 265 (I only drove the Cup - no Akro) but it is definitely more vacuum than screamer. This is what I will miss most about the M3, nothing like WOT on a highly strung straight 6 with ITBs! Clio ph3 can sound pretty great though. After a manual so they're out unfortunately. Have looked at a Fiesta ST but not a fan of the looks regardless of how capable they are. Shame the IV didn't come out with a manual. Thanks for the welcome mate!
  4. I'd absolutely love one with Recaros but don't know how the missus would react since she can't stand being in the M3 and that has a standard interior. The drive is mainly at speed with very little stop start so that part should be fine. One worry is the posts I've read about the boxes munching syncros, is there a permanent fix for this?
  5. Hey mate! Yeah can imagine they are, Meg 265 is very quick and almost puts the M3 to shame in terms of sheer acceleration however I love the direct feel of smaller lighter cars and feel the Clio would be more like that. Problem is my commute is around 65klm return of highway driving, not sure if the Clio would get tiring. Do you daily yours? Cheers for the response btw!
  6. Hey all, I was pointed here by Andrew in Melbourne from the Renault Sport Australia FB group (He has a great little red Clio III 200) to do some research. I currently have a Subaru Outback for the daily commute and a modified 2001 6sp manual E46 M3 for my weekender. Unfortunately with marriage on the horizon and working more hours than I’d like I am not driving the M3 nearly as much as it deserves. Rather than holding on and paying 2 lots of rego and insurance I’d rather sell and buy “one car to do it all” and upgrade the missus car. I’ve always lusted after Renault Sport products and almost pulled the trigger on a 182 Clio Cup several years ago and this brings me to my point, I have narrowed my options down to either a Ph3 Megane 265 Cup or a Ph3 Clio 200 so will be doing some research and keeping an eye on the classified. Previous cars owned: mk1 Golf (Multiple) mk3 Golf mk3 Jetta, mk4 Golf GTI Pug 205 GTI Nissan Stagea Audi B7 A4 W124 Mercedes 260E. Cheers, Cameron
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