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  1. Hello to all. We purchased our car 2 weeks ago. Looked at Honda, Peugeot, RS3 and STi . No fords, as they are not due till next year. Unfortunately all of the above other than the Subaru were no where to be found, so we went with the Cup. Adelaide seems to be a backwater if you want some sort of manual sports tourer Had never seen the Flame Red, so went on a hunch. Colour is excellent. Would be great to take it for a drive, but at the moment it sits in our shed under a car cover waiting for warranty issues to be sorted. Paint, Glass, chrome, door alignment and rubbing, interior trim. Is a December 18 build, so probably one of the last ones they did before Xmas knock off.
  2. smee323

    RS280 Cup.

    Nope, no tinting. It doesn't even look like hard water stains either. Very hard to get a photo of the defect in them.
  3. smee323

    RS280 Cup.

    I'd love to. Thing is I do not think there are any Redheads left in the country. Was hard enough identifying this one. We did get an email from Renault asking for input on our Renault Purchase. My wife said she needs to calm down a little before filling it out. 😮
  4. smee323

    RS280 Cup.

    Yep. It is parked up in our shed under the car cover until they sort out what is going to happen. I'd like the whole rear bumper replaced. If the paint goes again within the 5 years of warranty, just wondering what they would say. The glass. No idea how that is going to be sorted. Can just imagine the balls up trying to replace every piece of glass on the car.
  5. smee323

    RS280 Cup.

    Hello, We took delivery of our RS280 Cup on the weekend Have been waiting a little bit for it, and love it. Took it for a drive into the Adelaide Hills the day we got it, but it has to go back. Damaged rear bumper needs to be fixed and the glass has to be replaced on just about every window. Glass appears to have dust marks in it, which is distorting the laminate in areas. Also, all the chrome striping has rust spots in it, and some how there is metal slag from somewhere trapped between the front windscreen, and the passenger A pillar. They are working how to get that out.
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