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  1. Installed by Renault or someone else, mine was done by Renault so they wouldn't have adjusted the sensor when they installed it, I'll have the local performance mechanic have a look at it and write up a new forum if it turns out to be the o2 sensor needing adjustment. Seems to be alot of people hitting the same issue but all for different reasons, there was a bunch of faulty sensors go out aswell.
  2. Thanks :) Ill jump under it after the weekend clean and see whats happening downstream
  3. The sports cat, im presuming its high flow, have you had any anti pollution faults with it? I grabbed mine second hand with the exhaust already done, (i havent got underneath it yet) I can see an aftermarket dump, and i think a stock resi but if the cat is high flow or for deleted for some ungodly reson id say thats where my fault is. Its high o2 downstream.
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