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  1. Sounds like a normal thing then for the rs.I think In due course I will try the short shifter , and let you guys know if improved .
  2. Hi guys Been with my 265 Megane RS now for a couple of months and loving it .However I find the gear changes feel very mechanical and gritty . You can feel the changes especially in low speed first to second . It’s as if the lever click in place mid way and then drops in to gear. Hard to explain properly. Has anyone else had the same experience. Is it a standard characteristic of the 265 box ? any comments are appreciated.
  3. New front wheel drive record was set 11 hours ago at The Nürburgring with the latest Megane trophy r. See ya Honda Civic type r. Megane lap time 7.40.1 https://www-autoexpress-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.autoexpress.co.uk/renault/megane/106910/new-2019-renault-megane-rs-trophy-r-sets-nurburgring-lap-record-pictures?amp 👏👏👍👍
  4. Hi Guys I had a Quote from Renault for a new door card at $1350 10 week wait plus labour!🤨Decided to have a go myself and sorted it stronger than original in 45 minutes . I used some washers and new bolts and hate to admit it , one zip tie! The door card itself is very strong so I drilled a tiny set of holes in it and zip tied the upper right side of the handle where it was all broken . Everything is neat and handle cover fits on top. Good as new and saved $1350.
  5. Hi guys had a great day at the barbecue today, until I tried to close my door and my inner door handle just snapped right off .😤I read that the entire door card needs replacing at something like $950 plus labour. I will look in to this in more detail tomorrow , but has anyone had this problem and if so what is best fix. Any advise is appreciated.
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