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  1. Back to the OP’s post…there was a cheeeaaaap 225 on Facebook Marketplace https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/921256408432746/ Did anyone buy this?
  2. But..,back to OP’s post about best Renault, I can only advise that if this car needs to be available at all times, then consider a Renault that is plentiful as parts can take a while to get. To some extent, that would mean the 182 would be a good choice as it’s almost cheap enough where you can pick one up as a spares car. 197s on the other hand…
  3. Not difficult. K-frank (160kW at the wheels), coilovers and a good set of tyres. With $15K you’d like have change to tweak gear ratios and add an LSD. The thing about Hondas is a lot of OEM parts can be swapped around.
  4. Same as the other cars. It’s a matter of how much you want to do and the availability / range / cost of parts available. For example, coilovers and wheels for the 197 - trying to a supplier locally…
  5. For that budget, I’d also consider the running costs and weigh that up against how many track days you’re planning on doing a year…and how “track ready” you want the car to be. I have a 197 and have spent the equivalent of the purchase price getting it to a point where it will run reliably, and the same again to get it track ready. if you’re saying 3-4 track days a year, in a kid friendly commuter, for $15K running reliably with low running costs…I’d argue that a Honda Civic or Accord Euro would do that, and run 1:10-1:12 around Wakefield for that budget. My Clio wouldn’t be able to
  6. Apu

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    Keep an eye on my thread for a post-track day review!
  7. Apu

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    I’ve got a wreck I’m parting out if you are interested in parts. Have a look at my thread “Little Troublemaker 197” I think I’ve done all i want...for now
  8. Apu

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    I know it’s not been long but any more news? What are your plans for this little thing?! I happen to have a silver 197 as well, so keen to compare notes.
  9. Hi Jayden, A belated welcome! I only just saw this post. Not sure if you remember but you came to have a look at my Clio (mine was the house with Hondas). Hope you are well. Bryan
  10. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    Had a short drive yesterday and the car is a lot flatter, stiffer than stock...as would be expected. I’ll be at the Renotech track day so it will be interesting but haven’t tracked the car on stock suspension so I have no comparison. I’ll go for a longer drive either to Singleton or Wiseman’s and have a better idea then.
  11. Oh yes! I recently test drove a GT wagon and was so impressed i wanted to trade in the SUV for it...unfortunately the gap was too big to absorb at the moment. But i will buy one in the near-ish future!
  12. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

  13. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    Thanks! I’ll look into the cost
  14. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    I went with Bilstein B14s.
  15. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    So something in the fuel line gave way recently...I've been traveling so haven't had the time to go under to have a look. In any case, the car is going to Renotech on Wednesday to have coilovers fitted...will have to get it onto the trailer. As I have to get it onto the trailer, I also decided to upgrade my hand-o-matic winch and get an electric one fitted. That will of course require a battery, so I'm thinking of using the one from the 197 and fitting a lithium battery into the car. Has anyone used one on a daily? I have an SSB one on my track-only Integra and it's pretty good, but k
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