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    2008 Clio 197;
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  1. Apu

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    Keep an eye on my thread for a post-track day review!
  2. Apu

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    I’ve got a wreck I’m parting out if you are interested in parts. Have a look at my thread “Little Troublemaker 197” I think I’ve done all i want...for now
  3. Apu

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    I know it’s not been long but any more news? What are your plans for this little thing?! I happen to have a silver 197 as well, so keen to compare notes.
  4. Hi Jayden, A belated welcome! I only just saw this post. Not sure if you remember but you came to have a look at my Clio (mine was the house with Hondas). Hope you are well. Bryan
  5. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    Had a short drive yesterday and the car is a lot flatter, stiffer than stock...as would be expected. I’ll be at the Renotech track day so it will be interesting but haven’t tracked the car on stock suspension so I have no comparison. I’ll go for a longer drive either to Singleton or Wiseman’s and have a better idea then.
  6. Oh yes! I recently test drove a GT wagon and was so impressed i wanted to trade in the SUV for it...unfortunately the gap was too big to absorb at the moment. But i will buy one in the near-ish future!
  7. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

  8. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    Thanks! I’ll look into the cost
  9. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    I went with Bilstein B14s.
  10. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    So something in the fuel line gave way recently...I've been traveling so haven't had the time to go under to have a look. In any case, the car is going to Renotech on Wednesday to have coilovers fitted...will have to get it onto the trailer. As I have to get it onto the trailer, I also decided to upgrade my hand-o-matic winch and get an electric one fitted. That will of course require a battery, so I'm thinking of using the one from the 197 and fitting a lithium battery into the car. Has anyone used one on a daily? I have an SSB one on my track-only Integra and it's pretty good, but k
  11. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    Thanks Moosey! Disappointed not to see more around. Keen to start modding the car - thinking of lightened flywheel, LSD and lithium battery
  12. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    Thanks dn2blue! Loving it so far...but really wish there were more cars available for parts!
  13. Apu

    Clio 197 convert

    A quick hello! Just picked up a Clio 197 supposedly for my son, but I suspect I'll be having more fun in it. I've had a range of cars including a couple of Alfas. In recent years though, an NB MX5 which I turbocharged and a few Hondas which I still have. The DC2 Type R is a stripped out, track only car and the FN2 Type R is road registered weekend toy with a K-frank in it. Very torquey, very easy to drive but oriented toward smooth roads and track days. And that brings us to the Clio. Picked it up in Singleton, and had a run through the back roads on the way back to Sydney. It'
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