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  1. None just yet mate. Probably just tyres and intake sometime soon. The Kumho's it has on it now are okay but a set of PS4 S's would be nice. But just enjoying it stock for now. It was a two stage paint correction followed by the Opti Coat on top of that. Was $1200 from memory. Comes with 7 year warranty too. Worth it though. The paint is better than new and the water beading is unreal. Feels nice and smooth too.
  2. Picked this one up about 6 weeks ago. Absolutely stoked with it. Very usable car (it's my daily), much more compliant and refined then I expected based on some reviews I'd read. Love the pops and bangs from the exhaust, the seats, heaps of features etc. Great car! Plus I just got it Opti-coated too which has made the paint way better than it was. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.
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