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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. That advert is hilarious 🤣... Very accurate though, every one of my mates that sees the car say it has a fat ass. Does this group do many social events?
  2. Hi Guys! Proud new owner of a 2006 Megane Sport 225 phase 2. Was advertised as a Cup but have doubts as to whether it is or not. First ever Euro car and loving it. It has some sqeaking and cabin rattles when driving on rough roads or bumps but otherwise it's in pretty good condition. Interior was well kept. Being a 13 year old car wasn't expecting it to be perfect. It's stock as far as I can tell although owner did mention something about possibly having aftermarket cams? Good service history although will need to do belts soon I think. Will probably have a heap of questions down the road so apologies in advance but hopefully I can contribute and help others out as well through my struggles that I will have at some stage I'm sure 😅.. First mod will probably be some new speakers 😂
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