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  1. That car looks sick. The more I see of these new ones the better they get.
  2. What is involved with the Opti coat and how much? Its shining nicely
  3. I would like to see a silver one in the flesh. They look good in the pics. Hope it goes good for you
  4. In isolation maybe and for me a big maybe but too many things adding up.
  5. Thanks for the reply mate but I’m looking for lower kms than the one you linked. As you say I may have to go interstate and there is one in Victoria that is top of my list right now that fits to my requirements. The thought of going interstate is hard though given what I have read in Carsales ads compared to what I have seen in reality.
  6. This was the first Megane I test drove as ideally I want a 275 but its not a deal breaker from me, 265 will be fine I dont think there is much difference, could be wrong. It went on hold yesterday and is now showing as unavailable, so somebody must have bought it. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-renault-megane-r-s-275-cup-manual/OAG-AD-16880643/?utm_campaign=hold-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=browser-push-notification&recommendation_id=bbc73827-c3a0-434c-a6c5-3b0ff74755ca Let me outline based on this viewing (but also from others since) why I dont trust car dealers or even main car dealers which surprised me a lot as I had thought that this wouldn't be the case. Of course this is a very blanket statement (there would be some very honest folk out there selling cars) but dealers have themselves to blame as it seems to be a common trend. Maybe im just very unlucky. The car is advertised on Carsales as a 2016 275 RS Cup. On the lot floor in the window it's stated it was as a 2015. First eyebrow raising moment. How could such simple error be made! I wouldn't be surprised if it is a 265 but I'm not sure how to check for sure? I had a good look around the car. It was piping hot on the day circa 40 degrees so I was perspiring hard and it probably wasn't the best day to be out in a lot looking at cars. A staff member asked me if i needed any help and I told him im just having a look for now is it ok to check the interior also which he obliged. Next eyebrow raising. 3 different types of tyres. 2 different types - ok, that's passable but 3 is a bit much imo. All seemed to be cheap tyres, from memory Nankang was one and Dragon was the other or maybe it was a Nankang Dragon I really can't recall. I asked the staff member any reason for this and he said something along the line of maybe they got a puncture. Yes its plausible but still makes it look like a not very well looked after motor. Maybe im being to anal but its my money. The car exterior and interior was in very good condition bordering on immaculate. I cant fault the paintwork or the interior. What I can fault on the exterior was the lines of the car. On very close inspection (it was actually my brother who spotted this not me) you can see some misalignment on the bonnet and front wings. The gap tolerance was different between the two sides. This coincided with another tell underneath the drivers side wheel arch which makes me certain that this car was involved in an accident in the past of some sort. In response to a previous poster, yes most of these cars are not recorded as being written off but a car can likely have a good whack without that being the case. Id rather have a clear history or at least be able to talk to the people involved/repairer as to the extent of the damage. I asked the staff member has the car ever been involved in an accident. Not to the best of our knowledge, which I have heard again a couple days ago looking at another Megane. A very easy term to spit which removes all liability and yet still not lying to the buyer. So im not an expert but I can say with alot of certainty that the car has been, yet the experts are telling me not to the best of their knowledge. Very interesting. I asked was it taken as a trade in and I was told no it was bought at auction. Ding ding ding, eyebrows are so close to the sun they are getting synged. Bought from Pickles auction in Victoria. I expect this car was a former rental car as others have talked about some RS being former rental cars. I asked is there service history with the car. I checked the service booked. All stamped by the same Melbourne outfit. I cant remember exactly the name now, it was something like DRP motorsports. Anyway I googled whatever the exact name was at the time and couldn't find anything at all about the place. I brought the car for a drive and I have to say I didnt notice anything that rang alarms bells. The drive wasn't very sufficient though, heavy traffic, dont think I broke the 100kph mark. I bloody hate when you take a car for a test drive and the fuel light immediately comes on. The staff member was nice but constantly trying to make small talk when im trying to drive a car I have never driven before, no bueno. On the car windscreen it said $25k IIRC. I knew the price from Carsales was less than this. I asked is this the best price. The staff member said let me check and walked inside as if to talk to his manger. He comes back out and quotes the price that is quoted online. I asked is that the best you can do and he said that probably the best we can do leaving the door open for some reduction if I was willing to put an offer down. I had no intention but walked away thinking someone won't even look under the bonnet will just look at how shiny it is and they will sell it fast some stage. Moral of the story ………………………. buyer beware. Just to add all of the above doesn't necessarily mean its a bad car (if it ends up being someone on here), it just means it didnt fit my requirements.
  7. Really? I rented a Rav 4 in Sydney not long ago and I drove that far harder than I would drive my every car. If I paid for a Megane R.S. rental, it would be the same. I would never buy a rental unless it was exceptional value and even then probably not. I have never bought a car from a main dealer before. I have looked at and test drove a Megane at a main dealer recently. I’m 90% sure the car was involved in an accident. They said as far as they know it was never involved in an accident. How bad the accident was who knows but the lack of disclosure is unacceptable imo. Im not saying one should totally avoid damaged cars of course that depends on the damage and I have previously bought a 106 Gti that had been damaged and I never had any trouble with it in two years of ownership. I have usually bought cheap cars over the last few years as I used to travel a lot more than I do now and didn’t see the point in having a car sit in the garage depreciation and not being Used. I would have never thought main dealers would try to sell to me an obviously damaged repaired car as never been damaged. This type of behaviour hurts all dealers imo. In the past I would see descriptions about cars being perfect condition and thought maybe I could buy interstate without viewing the car because surely a main dealer would be reputable and honest. I wouldn’t dream of doing that now after what I have been told and subsequently seen on inspection. I believe the car I posted has some history and I’m not interested in buying unless I can find out more about it. Is it just me that thinks there must Be some reason why the dealer says they bought the car because it’s so clean, yet we’re being very reluctant to give me the details of the previous owner. That makes no sense to me and raises a red flag.
  8. I wouldn’t have any interest in an ex rental for a car like this. As you say it would have been driven hardddddd. You don’t rent a hot hatch to baby it. Service book is stamped by the garage selling it. Garage said they had bought it because it was such a clean car, not a trade in. There was a lot of things that didn’t quite add up for me. Which is why I’m trying to find the true “one” owner to see what they say.
  9. An ex rental, you mean one could have rented Megane RS in the past? He did say something about a rental but it was in the middle of the test drive and I think he was referring to another car. I was told this is a one owner car, which I presume would mean its not a rental but not necessarily. I never noticed the gear knob being different until you said it just now.
  10. A 2014-16 Megane RS is top of my list for a motor upgrade. I have test drove two cars now, both 265 RS. Curious whether the previous owner of this car is a member here? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Renault-Megane-2015/OAG-AD-16993369/?Cr=2 Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this, maybe I should be on a different thread, please change mods if required. Thanks all
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