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  1. Yeah Perfect that's what i was looking at. Do you have a photo of how it looks in the car by chance?
  2. Perfect Thanks for the advice mate, any particular brand of pod filter you would recommend?
  3. Yeah Thanks mate, Stereo is %100 on the top of the list along with a de badge and center res delete.
  4. Thanks all for your input, for now I love the way the car drives i'm just looking to make it a little bit more cheeky childish grin inducing with some louder turbo noises maybe an aftermarket BOV and intake will help with this? any advice? I am definitely doing a center res delete in the next 2 weeks. That's for sure.
  5. Thanks for you advice mate appreciate it.
  6. Thanks mate appreciate the input, just curious what are those 3 brands of exhausts just so i can get an idea of price etc.
  7. Hi All i recently picked up my new pride and joy a 2012 Megane RS250 with 50,000 kms on it. Have been driving the car daily for about the last 2 months and absolutely loving it. I think I'm about ready to start modifying it and was just wondering what other people have started off with apart form a stereo of course. Looking to do an exhaust of some description and also and intake for more turbo noise and also in preparation for a tune\remap. Looking for and open to any suggestions about parts and also where to get any work done located in Melbourne preferably west side or CBD. Thanks In advanced.
  8. Hi all, I recently about 4 weeks ago picked up my new car a Mint condition 2012 Megane RS250 with barely 50,000 kms on it. Since then I've gotten really comfortable and familiar in the car and am now looking at some mods for it. The first 2 things I'm looking at doing are replacing the Intake with something that will give me more of those awesome turbo noises and the other being an exhaust. Just wondering what intake and exhaust systems other people use . I will be looking at getting some sort of tune\re map at some point later on down the track. Open to all and any feedback. Cheers Tom.
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