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  1. Forgot to say it is a TWR sport model already.. 6ltr v12 as standard as it is one of the collaboration models with twr but won't be putting the same livery on it so not a replica on that side. Will post pictures of my vehicle today when I am not working (my Megane that is).
  2. Building it for the Targa West. Had the vehicle and decided why not! Good bonding project for me and my father. It won't be a replica of the Tom Walkinshaw Jag but it certainly has had no expense spared. Long story behind why that car etc but it has been good fun.
  3. Hi all, Jumping in to say hi. Just purchased a 2015 Megane rs 265 cup premium and is my first Renualt. Love my European cars and currently am building a 1990 xjs race car. Love the hot hatch scene and the Renault was just a no brainer. Absolutely in love with the car and is easily the best purchase I have ever made. Looking forward to being part of the group! Does anyone know of any W.A based clubs as looking at joining something to get in some track days etc. Regards, Rowan
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