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  1. Looks awesome. Welcome!
  2. epic thanks so much! @SLUGGO33X I'll look out for your ride too cheers
  3. thanks @walkie86 DSM in Marrickville is great for small stuff, but looking for someone closer to northern beaches. Architect hey. I recently saw this in Taiwan. Amazing. http://en.npac-ntt.org/
  4. Hi all. Great to be here! I finally bought a Clio 172 Sport after regretting not buying one 10 years ago! It's awesome. Wondering too if anyone knows a panel beater who'll do a few small jobs. E.g. I'd like a dent in my door repaired plus rear bumper resprayed. I went to a guy this morning and had an experience I've had a few times with other beloved "old" cars that I've previously owned. The guy takes one look and says "It's not worth repairing this. But if you insist I'll have to respray the whole vehicle, for 8-10k." Hahaha. What?! I'm over panel beaters just not getting it and telling me my cars (which I'm attached too, thanks!) "aren't worth it." One guy, some years ago (for a different car), after I asked him if he could respray the roof, said "Why did you even buy this." Classic. So does anyone know a panel beater who's OK with small jobs and understands that one person's "trash" is another's treasure. I'm around Northern Beaches, Sydney. Thanks!
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