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  1. Hi everyone I need some help on what to do and if anyone who has great knowledge all help is appreciated. I have just bought a new white Toyota 4WD recently about 5-6 months now. It was sold cheaper than most but didn’t think anything of it other than they wanting to meet their end of month quota. It has been hand washed by me a couple times and everything was fine. I had it service about 2 weeks ago and just got to washing the car today. I found black marks looking like either primer showing or black scuffs all along the bumper lining, on the top of spoiler lining, some parts of roof lining, one side of side mirrors on the lining and edges has all these black primer marks or scuffs, the side mirror also has a minor paint chip. It looks like the white paint is showing either the primer or black scuffs along the linings. Not sure. Closer inspection at the defects I can see little micro fine scratches or lines going upwards. The front fender had these lines too going upwards but no primer or black scuffs is showing just has white upwards line within the white paint. This is very weird how there is black primer/marks showing with micro scratch/lines that are going upwards and only on one side of the car have these defects. I don’t know if this is factory issue or something happened at the service or dealer tried covering it up while I was shopping for a new car. 1) Does anyone know if it is possible to use insurance paint specialist or inspection to get a report of what actually is happening so I can have a case ready for the dealer ship? What would be the best steps to take to get this solved the right way and most successful way? 2) Also if anyone know what is the problem with my paint and the cause please feel free to comment. I am really curious myself to know more. Thanks!
  2. My service is due now, service light is on. I have not ever missed a service. But I am going to be late for service say: best case 500KM late and worse case 1000KM late. That should be fine right?
  3. I have a Renault Sports Clio IV. I have a few questions just from curiosity. 1) Let’s say my service is due at 50,000KM but due to work and money I get my car serviced late. Is this okay? How late is okay? Is there a threshold of KM I have to be late? Would within 1000KM late be still okay? Please share knowledge and experiences. 2) Anyone ever have any warranty problems due to late service? I assume it should be fine as not everyone will be exactly on time?
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