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  1. Im currently driving an auto i30 for daily commuting so going from that to a Megane I don't think throttle sensitivity is really something I imagine I'll be too picky about. The last performance car I owned was an AE71 corolla with a RWD converted 20v engine & aftermarket computer/custom tune. If the main feature is throttle response it's probably not as beneficial as having a reversing camera. I also don't like an overly sensitive throttle anyway. Definitely planning on plenty of track time once I get it and especially before I bother with any mods. If anyone has anything else to add
  2. Thanks for replying. If anyone can add any extra information around the specific features or even a link to a user manual that we be great. I saw on the forums someone posted a user manual for the 250 in PDF format could it be in there possibly? Just trying to assess how much having access to the ability to change these things is really going to be of benefit, if it isn't then it opens up more options for other potential cars to buy. Lap timing can be achieved with various aftermarket devices anyway so not a big loss there on that front. Thanks again
  3. Apologies for the post and want to disclaim I have thoroughly attempted to search this answer via google & the forums but can't find any information I'm asking below. I'm in the market to purchase a X95 Megane and want to know what the difference is in specific features between the RS Monitor with and without R-Link (if that's what it's call) if I have gotten the terminology wrong what I want to know is the extra features on the 250 Cup Trophee Model that isn't available in the Sat Nav version in the Trophy+ models. I'm not in a rush to buy but having trouble finding a car I'm ha
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