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  1. hi guys, trying to get a 2005-onwards megane 225 sports cup. Any for sale? Based in Melbourne. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your comments ttimbo, the question is very simple... no matter what enhancements have been done to the car, it has still done over 171000 kms. Therefore what else can I expect to have to replace anytime soon, and can I expect a hit to the wallet compared to JAPANESE cars?? I don't know much about Renaults, hence my overall concern. Thanks again guys
  3. Hi Guys, I am new to the forum. Looking at getting a 2005 Megane 225 Sport cup. It's only $6990, however here is the problem(s); 171000 kms on the clock; and all the following have been replaced: new clutch new turbo new brake discs new brake pads new timing belt new water pump as well as the following upgrades: K-Tech Performance Engine and gearbox mounts Full Performance TURBO back exhaust system New Turbo Upgrade (unknown spec but spools very early) Large front mount Intercooler ECU tune Pod filter induction kit Do you guys think i am buying more trouble or is it a good deal? Honest appraisals of course, and what can i expect to pay for other spare parts which may need fixing in the future? Thank you
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