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  1. Jackson

    Advice Please :)

    thanks! @Jall 1 more question if anyone knows, the dealer says the car comes with 5 years factory warranty from build (2016) from renault, aka warranty untill 2021. However on the warranty website https://www.renault.com.au/ownership/warranty says megane only has when purchased in 2018. does this mean they changed their policy from 5 years to 3 years in 2018, however this car would still be under warranty, or the dealer just doesn't know what their talking about?
  2. Jackson

    Advice Please :)

    @chuckovski Will do. Even if it was an ex-rental, usually those companies get cars serviced on the dot and people tend to drive rental cars safely perhaps? Or, if it were a rental but still serviced at a reputable mechanic, would that be considered safe? Also 2 more years of factory warranty should be a good safety net, if it is ex rental? Thanks alot for your help, really appreciated!
  3. Jackson

    Advice Please :)

    Besides the fact of the no exhaust the car still ticks all of my boxes. So your guess is, it will sound like any regular 2ltr turbo car? Like i said, i can find little information about this particular "275 cup" any other things i should be aware of? Thanks for the help, appreciated
  4. Jackson

    Advice Please :)

    Hello,I've just purchased a 275 cup. Have not picked it up yet.275 cup - http://metrousedcars.com.au/c20861-554098-renault-megane-2016.html I cannot find any information about 275 cups. only trophy's and cup-s. With the silver tip exhaust, does this mean I won't get the crackles and pops?Thanks.
  5. Hello, I've just purchased what i believe to be the same model. Have not picked it up yet. 275 cup - http://metrousedcars.com.au/c20861-554098-renault-megane-2016.html With the silver tip exhaust, does this mean I won't get the crackles and pops? Thanks.
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