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  1. No prob - I ordered new rear rotors/pads/and oil filters.
  2. http://www.k-tecracing.com/show_product.asp?id=5730 On offer - thats cheaper than i paid through my mate who works for Renault UK. I dont know how they get the price so low.
  3. Maaarlon

    Megane sport 225

    I bought my brakes from - http://www.k-tecracing.com/home.asp I dont know if yours is a Phase 1 or 2
  4. Be careful with the 'Race' option if you plan on taking it on the track or giving it death on the road. I recently had an interesting experience at Phillip Island and the only reason i didn't smash the car was because it was in 'Sport'
  5. Maaarlon

    New toy.

  6. Maaarlon

    New toy.

    I will be parking about a meter away from kerbs! Mine is 377 - located in Knoxfield. Its gone into Alpine Affaire this morning for a major service.
  7. Maaarlon

    New toy.

    Saying that, I may avoid Woolies and Bunnings car parks 😁 every single battle scar my last car earned came from those places.
  8. Maaarlon

    New toy.

    Ah, he mentioned that he knew somebody else who owned one. I plan to keep it standard due to its rarity whilst still enjoying the car and not wrapping it in cotton wool. What do you drive now?
  9. Maaarlon

    New toy.

    Yup, and Sandown & Winton with my 320 BHP Ford Focus XR5 which i sold to buy the Megane.
  10. Maaarlon

    New toy.

    New toy Picked up my Megane RB8 yesterday, booked it into Alpine Affaire today for a service inc timing & v belt kits, water pump etc. Looking forward to taking it to Phillip Island track in March!
  11. So I getting the timing kit, all the little seals, water pump + gasket, and the v belt kit (inc tensioner) for $360 All genuine parts.
  12. Apline Affaire it is then, very close to where i live.
  13. Thanks. Waverley Renault (main dealer) also have a lot of positive reviews - do people agree with this?
  14. Hello Which garages do people recommend in Melbourne? Thanks
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