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  1. Hahaha, it’s funny you say that cause I was thinking the exact same thing 😂 I am actually going to go to a dealer and pose the question as to why I don’t have the extras mentioned...I feel hard done by now 😩😂
  2. Yes that's pretty good It seemed pretty decent after scouring car sales for weeks to get an idea 👍👍
  3. It’s funny, I actually rang Renault Australia again today to ask the same question again and see if I got a different answer, I thought maybe the first person might of made a mistake. So I gave my VIN again and once again they are saying it’s a Cup Premium haha. I said to the lady on the phone, are you sure as it doesn’t have the rims, seats, reverse camera etc of a Cup Premium, she kind of got a little annoyed then and said ITS A CUP PREMIUM! I said ok thanks and hung up haha. It’s all very strange 😂
  4. Ahh ok cool. No reverse camera, just reverse parking sensors
  5. Hey RedMist, I think the price was pretty fair being that it was from a dealership where you generally pay a bit more but I guess you have a little more piece of mind for that higher price too. its a 2014, 47,000kms, looks and feels to be in very tidy condition with a complete service history and a 12month warranty (even though it’s still under manufacturers till October 2020 so it’s kind of useless), drive away for $21,000. From my researching I believe that’s a pretty decent price... cheers Aaron
  6. Ahh I see, thanks for clearing that up. yes Renault Australia definitely said it is a premium, and all my documents from the dealership say Cup Premium too.... its like I’ve got a bit of a bitser, cause it’s missing the Recaro seats, 19inch rims etc but it does have keyless entry, RS Monitor 2.0... were these things that were supposed to be only for a Premium variant?? I’m unsure as I’m very new to Renault’s.. cheers
  7. Hi ak275, I have just purchased a 2014 265 Cup Premium. I actually rang Renault Australia a couple of days ago, gave them my VIN number and that’s the model variant that they told me I have. After reading your post though I’m confused as my car does not have the Akro exhaust, it has 18 inch black Tibor rims, cloth seats, leather steering wheel, basically all the things that you are saying would make it a Cup model not a Cup Premium but as I said when I gave Renault Australia my VIN they told me it’s a Cup Premium???? My heads spinning now haha 🥴
  8. Hi there, that’s great, thanks very much. Yes a French mechanic that specifies in French cars sounds like a winning formula to me. I will put this workshop down on my list of places to try out. I definitely don’t mind travelling up to Brissy from the coast either if it means leaving my car with a quality mechanic that knows his way around it. Cheers Aaron
  9. Hi folks, I hope it’s not frowned upon commenting a slightly different topic in this thread but I think it’s somewhat relevant. I noticed quite a few people in this thread mention Renotech in Sydney for servicing repair needs but unfortunately I am up on the Gold Coast. I’ve searched Renotech for the Gold Coast and Brisbane with no luck and I’ve done some searches for Renault workshops up here with some results coming up but obviously I have no idea if the workshops are reputable or not...all the google reviews for them are split down the middle saying they are amazing or absolutely horrible haha. Can anyone on here that has had first hand experience recommend a reputable workshop either on the Gold Coast or Brisbane? I am new to the forum and a new Renault owner. I pick up my 2014 Renault Megane RS 265 Cup on Monday. Very excited! any info is greatly appreciated. cheers Aaron
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