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  1. Hi Guys, one last quick question. What model is mine to lookup stuff on the forum to stop asking silly questions? It is just megane III? I'm potentially looking for a CAI, the standard one looks like it's just trying to grab air from behind the front left light fitting, with no connection at all to any outside air..
  2. Thanks for the quick replies.. Interesting on the sunroof.. I thought it might be a 'part turn' for a 'part open'.... Have to play with it on the weekend (it's the wife's car, just started a new job, so it's out of the house this week).
  3. thanks for the quick reply. I'll get the brakes checked out soon, still trying to get it registered properly (the 'national' database was apparently down at ServiceNSW today). I've got to check out to see if the pump is working... Not had anytime today, maybe on the weekend... How's your reversing camera Dave200? I might take a pic and see if it's similar to yours... Looks like the door buttons started to work today. I had both keys stuck on the same key ring, and then separated them today, so maybe that was the problem. Also, what's the button on the sun roof supposed to do? I can turn it to open it, put 'pushing' the button doesn't seem to do anything...
  4. Ok, so got R-Link working and managed to get some 'updates'... Not exactly sure what they are yet... Device now showing: Part: 259156761R App: 11.343.2931893-8052 GPS: 2.18.911.213736 MAP: Aust v971.v7597 Not sure how to upgrade maps (do we have to go to dealer)? I've tried Renault Media Nav Toolbar, but I think that's for other systems...
  5. Hi Guys and Girls, Just purchased a second hand GT220 premium, White with leather interior. ~70K Kays on the clock Flew up to the GC from Sydney, did a quick look over, then drove it back the ~800 kays or so to home the same day (yesterday). Issues found so far: 1. Brakes quite spungie... I think it needs new discs, so will get that checked (I'm no expert). 2. Second remote control not working. Put in a new battery and all good! 3. Front wiper water spray not working. Filled up (looks like it may have been empty), but still not working. Might be a pump issue 4. Door handles (all of them) not locking or un-locking the car. Key cards work fine, so not sure what the issue is here. 5. Reverse camera terrible and utterly useless in dark (is that normal)? 6. Maps well out of date. Looking in to how this can be updated (and any tomtom online features). Just waiting for the r-link download to finish as apparently I have some 'updates' waiting for me. Current version (pre--download) is: ID: R-Link TomTom LIVE Part: 259156761R App: 11.330.1860562-6030 GPS: 2.18.911.213736 MAP: Aust v971.v7597 7. Not sure if we can get TomTom to work with online stuff (traffic information etc). Done some research on this forum, but still searching.... (subtle hint if anybody knows to shout out ) I did scan the car with torque pro and a ODB bluetooth adapter, no errors, which was a good thing. Looking forward to learning more about the car. Got a lot of time in the car in the 8+ hour drive home, pressed almost every button, but didn't realise about the lane departure button until too late (only noticed the camera in the last couple of hours of the trip!). Nice to meet you all. I come from a mixed car background, and also run a few car forums (australia) for other cars (I've got an Audi S5 V8 with supercharger!)....
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