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  1. Hello, I've bought an RS265 (loving it) and was hoping that someone had a recommendation for where to get it serviced in Auckland - there are endless VW or BMW specialists, but hoping to find someone who knows their way around a Renault. Not the end of the world if I have to just go to a good general mechanic, but thought I better ask the experts. I know this is Oz RenaultSport but the only NZ-based forum I could find gets about 2 posts a year, if that, so hoping that someone has a friend, cousin, hairdresser that's NZ-based! Thanks!
  2. I bought mine as a relatively inexperienced manual driver - I did own an MGB GT for a couple of years, but the clutch and gearbox was so wildly different to my RS265 that it might as well have been a spaceship. I don't find it a struggle at all, and that's in Auckland where we have a million steep hills (i.e., need to do very frequent hill starts). You'll be sweet, just give it a few warm up drives at night or early morning to get a feel for it before you tackle heavy traffic.
  3. zaggo

    RS265 or RS250?

    I've looked into the 4 owner situation on the 250, and turns out 2 of them were dealers so not as bad as it initially looked. Very tempted by the 265 but $8k is a fair whack of change... I guess the good news is it seems like there isn't a wrong answer!
  4. zaggo

    RS265 or RS250?

    Hello, I'm looking to join you as an RS owner - upgrading from a 1992 Honda Legend and a 1972 MGB GT, so should be quite the eye opener. I'm hoping to get opinions on a couple of cars that I'm tossing up between: RS250 - https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1646554803 RS265 - https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1820015884 I've read conflicting reports about the 250 vs the 265 - some say the 265 is basically exactly the same but with a couple of minor cosmetic tweaks, whereas some say the 265 is basically far more evolved. My main question would be is it worth spending the extra $8k or so it'd take to get the 265 over the 250, and if anyone has any comments on either of those two cars then it'd be much appreciated. Thanks! Steven
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