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  1. Thanks guys! Maybe the way to go would be to do a driver’s course for 10 hours or so and then get the 265
  2. Hi, Looking at buying a 265 Cup in manual. Only problem is that I am an extreme noob in the manual transmission. I’ve only ever learnt a few times on my mates Evo IV. Would the 265 be too aggressive for me to learn? Or is it pretty easy to drive as far as manual transmission goes? TIA
  3. Thanks guys! So @Renoob you've had good things with chip tuning? That is like a piggyback tune right? Was wondering if that was the way to go, or would a custom local ECU dyno tune be the best for me. Thanks for the info guys! So excited but half a year is a way long time.
  4. Not going to be getting one until maybe about 6 months, but I’m very excited anyway! Looking to get a 265 Cup as an upgrade from my Nissan Pulsar (same engine as the Clio) and wanted to know a few things... I’ll definitely be getting an upgrade on tires first. When I eventually get one, I gather that Adrian at Race Spec is the best place for a tune? Does anyone have before and after dyno results for these? In terms of modifications, should I go for an exhaust and intake or is it not really needed? Heard replacing the resonator with a midpipe might be the way to go? SO MANY QUESTIONS
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