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  1. Thanks! Car definitely didn't get any further than the tarmac
  2. Finally got to take my new baby out for a proper drive today after four months in storage. Was definitely worth the wait! The grip from the LSD on corner exit is phenomenal. I was a little worried driving around town that I'd bought the wrong car but I can safely say after today that I'm hooked. Absolute animal. If only it had a hydraulic rack...
  3. Those rear spacers are... 🤤 Do they compromise the handling at all?
  4. G'day everyone, As the name suggests, after making my way through a 306 GTi 6 and Clio 172 Phase 2 I finally bought my teenage dream car: a silver 350Z. As much as I've enjoyed owning the Zed I've decided I'm definitely more of a hot hatch man: revving out the Clio was a joy the big GT can't match. I'm therefore looking to get back into the French game either with a NA Clio 200 or a Meg 250/265 Cup Trophee. Unfortunately due to plummeting resale value on the Zed my budget is around $16k. If anyone has a well cared for car they're looking to pass on, or is interested in swapping out for something a little more Japanese, let me know! Chris
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