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ozRS Country Bakery Run - Sun Nov 15th - VIC - See Social Events section for details/RSVP


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  1. Maki


    Thanks they're 19s I have to say the looks is growing on me
  2. Maki


    Well took a look under the hood it looks like the previous owner put the KTR induction kit in it already just need to work out whats been done to the exhaust since i don't think that's how it sounds stock
  3. Maki


    To be honest I like the stock one a lot more but they are growing on me
  4. Maki


    Hi everyone Recently traded in the normal Megane for a RS250 so i get to say i swapped a Megane for a Megane XD, probably should looked at what's been done to the RS but after the test drive I just wanted it and so now I have one with very little knowledge of whats actually on the car but at least it has a nice service history haha
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