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  1. Hi there! Just bought my first French car a few days before Christmas! 2006 Megane Sport 225 in Burnt Orange. I've been competing in the TSD class at Targa in the Elise and I'm absolutely hooked on Tarmac Rally! But the plan is to step up to GT Sports Trophy in 2021 and I really don't want to fit a roll cage into the Lotus. The goal was to find a car with the same fun factor, but that'll also be more practical to use with a roll cage and has a reliable drivetrain. Rob240 convinced me I couldn't go wrong with a Renault Sport. 🤣 It's not currently registered and there are a few small jobs to be done before I take it for a blue slip. First task was to charge the battery as it'd been sitting for almost six months. Of course, after getting it off the trailer and parked up safely the bonnet then refused to open! This was probably my fault for sitting the jump-battery on the point where the bonnet release cable joins! The link had separated. All fixed now after some reading online. Next step is to revert the BOV back to a diverter and fix the passenger side headlight. Plan is to use it for commuting for at least six months or so to shake it down and get a feel for the car. If all goes well then I'll start stripping it down to be built up as the red headed step-child of Black Betty. 😀 Any advice on the best way to get hold of the workshop manuals is greatly appreciated! I've spent some time searching around but a lot of the links seem to be for other models or no longer working... Happy to buy them if someone can recommend a reputable source.
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