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  1. Does removing the resonator make the car unroadworthy? I'm assuming not but I had my DPF removed on my Alfa 159 SW and tune to give it a bit more pep but I need to put the DPF back if I ever sell it.
  2. I like it! Was keen for something like this. Have a similar cup holder arrangement in my Alfa which sits nicely in the centre console area. Really solid. Doesn’t move and carries x2 cups. Looks nicely integrated as well. Is yours solid? No movement at all? Would you mind taking a photo of it in your car. I’m surprised actually as the gap between the centre console and seat is quite large compared to a lot of cars. Thumbs up for this. The black with red stitching is not bad.
  3. This seems to be popular amongst OZ RS forums members and well regarded... https://www.short-shifters.com/pk4018-shift.html
  4. Just read this post andHad a look at one of the local distributors websites. The 5100s $4500 for a set of 4? Is that correct? Wow! They’d want to be bloody good. Also guy that sold me my Meg III Trophy late last year recommended them. So what exactly would a set of these provide over and above the factory springs? What are the benefits? I’m a bit new to this type of technology. thanks!
  5. From the RS Megane forum... I've always used PIAA Extreme White bulbs on my non-xenon cars, yes they're pricey but you get what you pay for and they effectively produce 110W but only draw 55W (or whatever the numbers are) through the loom so it doesn’t burn anything out. They're as close to xenons as possible on a normal bulb. Anyone tried PIAA? https://rsmegane.com/threads/headlight-bulbs.13410/
  6. I had a black car once and said never again but the RS280 does look really good with those wheels. Congrats!
  7. Thumbs up emoji! Where are you based? What dealer?
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