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  1. Renoob

    RS265 or RS250?

    265 and tune it 🚀
  2. Yes I’ve had no issues and plenty of fun 😛 Im not sure if it’s a piggy backing as I’m new to tuning myself, but from what I’ve gathered the plug and play remap is more of a basic tune designed to suit basic mods, whereas your custom tune will be more catered to you’re driving preferences and mods and will be less limited in performance capability. It would probably suit someone that was pretty serious about power increase. But I would definitely recommend talking to a local tuner to get the best understanding. 🙂
  3. Good choice mate good luck! Ive got a ktec CAI and it sounds awesome, big loud breaths almost like a dump valve. I think it’s got a marginal increase in HP. No exhaust mods but I think the stock in sports mode is plenty for sound. Super chips blue fin handheld tuning device with a remap gives it + 50hp and +60nm which you can change to OEM whenever you like very easy to use. Highly recommend both of these!
  4. Hey all, wondering if anyone knows any good mechanics or Renault techs in Townsville? Haven’t really heard good news about the Renault dealer here so trying to explore my options. cheers!
  5. Hi Cj, Was in your exact position a month ago and the more I looked into the Rs the less I could ignore it. I’ve had the pleasure to drive some pretty incredible and powerful cars and I couldn’t really believe what I was getting in the rs for the price. I picked up a cup+ which came with the leather rs seats which look awesome and are super comfy. The rs monitor is really cool and comprehensive to and with a remap this car is just too much fun I can’t recommend it enough.
  6. Renoob

    New owner!

    Thanks 🙂 picked it up with 76 000 and had just done major timing work so I was pretty pleased. Awesome it’s a great edition I love the moonroof and the seats, two of my favourite features. The white is very nice I looked at a few but I didn’t want to go any further than I needed to. I really do like the grey but before I bought it the photos really didn’t do it justice and i was actually just settling for that colour. I had seen some other photos of different cars with a much darker looking grey and really wanted that but was happy to deal with it. Fortunately for me, in person the colour was exactly the grey I wanted, it just looked very light from photos being taken in direct sunlight. Similar to the photos uploaded. It looks closer to this in person —->
  7. Renoob

    New owner!

    Cheers! If I had known how active community was I definitley would have, I’ll keep it in mind if I’m ever down there. haha wow I couldn’t find a single one here that’s a find and a half to come from brissy! What did you pick up? And yeah beautiful drive, can’t complain about a 14 hour test drive 😁
  8. Renoob

    New owner!

    Thanks! Focus R.S. is an absolute weapon I can only imagine how wild of a ride it is! Definitley a tough choice especially with the awd, and that blue is quite something.
  9. Renoob

    New owner!

    Hey guys proud new owner here finally getting a chance to post! Picked up an incredible 2013 265cup+ and could not be any happier. Definitely worth the drive from brissy to Townsville. Such an amazing car, so much fun to drive and gorgeous inside and out. Came with a Superchips bluefin remap and a KTR intake so performance and sound is just sublime. A friend with an M235i was more than impressed. Pretty grateful I didn’t end up with a focus or a golf (my other options) which were not even comparable once I saw and drove the 265. Looking forward to Renaulthood!
  10. Hi gjuu, That is quite lucky haha I guess my timing just isn’t quite right. I will have to have a look around and see what I can find. Have you seen any for sale in recent times? On a separate note, how have you found your 265? Thanks for the response !
  11. Sorry quoted the wrong post!
  12. I’m leaning towards the cup+ As well. The owner is member of Qld Renault club and seems like a pretty meticulous owner. It’s had the timing and water pump done recently and it’s got paint and interior protection which is a huge bonus. Don’t mind the sunroof either 😛 thanks for the response!
  13. Hi guys looking at two rs265’s at the moment one being a 2013 Cup+ and one a 2012 rb7. This will be my first Renault and my first own car so pretty excited but in Townsville there is nothing for sale so it’s a big journey to see these cars would love some advice! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2013-Renault-Megane-RS-265-Cup+-Manual/SSE-AD-5593777?src=(mobi%2Fi) https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2012-Renault-Megane-RS-265-Red-Bull-Manual/SSE-AD-5214325?src=(mobi/i)
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