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  1. Well now its getting rarer. The resale price just went up!
  2. I worked out not long ago (about a week and a half ago) it was the sports limited edition, oddly I found out when looking up the paint code. Not a die hard fan so was news for me. Limited knowledge when I bought this but honestly don't care. Its an unreal little daily driver, the corners beautifully and comes out of the corners hard. Smokes both wheels on over enthusiastic launches. Does explain why it was so cheap from a dealership though. Live and learn. I actually like the idea that its one of 50 even if everyone else goes oh but its got no LSD. I can live with no LSD in a daily driven non tracked car. Currently the RS isn't getting upgrades unless something brakes or wears out. Between the Rattler and the Zed I've got way to many project cars already for my wife's sanity. About to have its 60K service in a couple of months and I've already started gathering parts. Love that I can get an aftermarket air filter cheaper online then a factory one and despite my fear (of quirky parts) it runs standard bosch external fuel filter (thought it was going to be one of those annoying in tank jobs where you spend time trying not to brake fragile plastic fittings to get it apart), can get cabin filter from any parts store with plugs. Originally planned to have the car serviced by other people because I dislike working on FWD/AWD cars but 1000 dollars for the service, yep I'll do that one myself thank you very much. I've not worked on a Renault in 20 years and last time I laid a tool to one it was a 20 TS with a Feugo engine and gearbox transplanted in it.
  3. LOL I've only got one decent photo of the RS and I initially was spending to much time driving it to take photos and now its raining. Still its does the job for now. The skyline (Rattler as its called) isn't that exciting. Its a series 1 with a series 3 nose on it. S13 front suspension knuckle/hub conversion, adjustable coil overs on all four corners, which are at their lowest setting way to stiff for a road car, hence the name. Adjustable panhard rod and adjustable sway bar links, a LSD with 3.9 gears. Got a few plans for it, nothing exciting. Have a set of Z32 front calipers to go on the front when I finish the heat core replacement (half way there) and a hydraulic brake conversion using a second pair of calipers added to the rear (so I can retain normal handbrake as well and stock braking). Engine is bone stock dead and for the near term I'm going to keep it that way. Have a spare RB30 in the garage that I'll play with once the zed is up and running and once I've got to the rust creeping in to the Rattler. The Datsun 260Z 2+2. Well this thing has a lot of history with me. I've owned it over 17 years. It was a light blue when I got it, factory sun roof. I converted it to manual, did the usual exhaust upgrade, electric dizzy, better carbs, upgrade lights so they actually made light, thermo fans to ditch the hoover of a clutch fan etc. Then it developed rust. Somewhere along the line the rust repair got out of control and I'm still working to get it back together and on the road. As it sits at the moment, we have a buick 3800 (yes a commodore engine, but they are cheap and very easily modded and lighter than any RB engine and make similiar in none turbo power.) The engine has been lowered into the car and sits 56mm lower then normally and almost completely behind the front cross member, shifting more weight to the back. The power steering from the buick and the air con has been deleted. Also the coil packs for the engine now live at the back of the engine. Also installed a fuel pressure gauge in the line mostly because it was on a shelf and why not. To the front of it if you can see in these two photos (my wife stole the hard drive with all my normal photos, these are off my phone from god knows when, first photo isn't even my garage, its from when it was at a mates getting some welding done) there are two CT12A turbos taken from a 1J. It has 42 in lb injectors now, rising rate fuel reg, 600hp fuel pump bosch 044, 2 bar map sensor, inter cooler currently from a VL but I don't like it and thinking of going an Ebay special, radiator from a HR (fitted nicely), turbo dumps are hand made by me, has turbo extractors made with help from a mate, exhaust hand made but 2.5 inch all the way through. Remote oil filter. Under the car, 4 piston calipers off a hilux of all things just bolt right on. S12 I think they are. Rear is ironically R31 disc rear end conversion. Braided brake lines front and back and an in cab bias control for the brakes. Suspension returned to stock and unmodded for now really other then nicer bushes, adjustable radius rods and custom tailshaft because now the gearbox is a T5 also from a commodore. Waste not want not. Also very cheap boxes. Will mod suspension once its up and running so I can see what I need to do. Would like a slight lowering for appearance but I might need to go coilovers if I can't work out a good spring shock combination easily. Still to go, waiting on some alloy parts to come back from my welding mate to finish off the the turbo intakes. Got to work out the radiator hoses (custom hoses are always fun) and then mount the intercooler, build the pipe from intercooler to throttle, build a airbox, clean up some wiring, remount the dash/guages/cabin ducting, get a front window (took it out to repair rust and I'm not putting it back in. I want new!), make a grill as I've now got bumperettes so the original grill isn't big enough, build or get built a rear beaver panel (not sure real name, its the part of the bum of the car that is the under the tail lights and goes down from there, also put the tank back in, retune the computer, and probably a tone of little things I can't think of now.
  4. Hi Guys, Thought I should introduce myself before I jump into the forum. I've never owned a Renault before this one but grew up on them as my father loved them and we always had 12s, a 20, and a couple of 16s kicking round. .Just two weeks past bought my first one a late 2013 Megane 265 Cup. Loving this insane handling and powerful FWD car. Got it with 48,000km on the clock, blue in colour. Very happy with the purchase. Been quite a while since I've owned a decent FWD car. Its a little different to the rest of the garage with a skyline and a heavily modified Datsun 260Z sitting in the garage along side it.
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