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  1. Here you go. And here’s a guide to removing the airbox.
  2. I'll get one for you when I get home in a couple hours
  3. I used a K&N 3 Inch pod that cost $90 but anything half decent will do!
  4. No need to touch the BOV, just buy a 3 inch pod filter, remove stock airbox and use the adapter from the factory airbox to connect the pod. Sounds exactly the same as all the $300-$400 intake options from overseas. It’s loud. For exhaust I simply deleted both mufflers and replaced with welded straight pipe. This may be too loud for some but honestly it’s nowhere near as bad as people made it out to be. Depends how savage you want your Meg to be.
  5. Thanks mate. Someone is wrecking an RS250 on gumtree and is selling the compressor for $250. Would that be worth buying or should I just cough up the money for a new one?
  6. I've been lurking on these forums since last year when I was originally considering an RS265 LE, but luckily took the advice of forum members not to go ahead due to it lacking an LSD. Finally picked up a 2012 RS265 Cup with 82,000 kms. Full service history, $14k. Price was low due to the Air Con not working, and the timing belt needs doing. The previous owner said that he had it re-gassed to no avail and believes the compressor is faulty. Would anyone be able to offer some advice on this? I'm thinking to take the car to Reno-tech. Cheers!
  7. Fair enough, I didn’t love the colour of the LE anyway! One more question, how would the RS250 Trophy compare to the RS265 Trophy?
  8. Wow thank you for the detailed reply! I have just messaged RenoTech. The car I was looking at ticked all the boxes in terms of distance from me, kms, and price ($15,990). I also prefer the wheels on the LE, and bucket seats are a must. However I am seriously reconsidering the car given as you have pointed out it just may not be worth it.
  9. Hi, I’m looking at buying an RS265 Sport Limited Edition which does not come with the LSD and I’m wondering if it’s something that can be easily upgraded. Thanks guys!
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