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  1. It may end up with a cage and a bit more serious stuff down the track, its a weekend/track only car for me 1) I'm a photographer (Sports predominantly, especially motorsport) so generally can do! 2) phew, i suck at maths 3) eww toyota
  2. Howdy! Have been a hot hatch fan for many years, including: Daihatsu Charade (had a bigger capacity 1.5L, Cam, exhaust and intake work, suspension etc), 900kg was fun to chuck around Multiple Nissan pulsars, last one ended up having an SR20VE (think nissan vtec) with cams, springs, retainers, wilwood brakes, etc Astra turbo - ecu, intercooler, coilovers, wilwood brakes etc EG Civic with full Integra Type-R drivetrain So when i sold by 2002 Subaru STI for something else, i started looking around. The Clio 200 looked to fit the bill with a 6spd box, decent power, decent weight, good brakes etc Just purchased my first Renault last week, a 2011 Clio RS 200 Australian GP edition. Interestingly however, it doesnt have a numbered plaque... Its pretty standard, appears to have a pod filter which i expect is more noise than anything else, otherwise standard. 120,000k's but in good nick apart from the usual wear on the drivers recaro bolster. Will be looking for a spare set of wheels to put some stickier rubber on (I dont really like the std wheels on the GP edition), plus maybe an exhaust. Plenty of track days will be on the radar!
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