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  1. Probs need to get Paul V to have a good look. Depends on the maintenance history.
  2. Cheers! Looking forward to some NSW meets!?
  3. I got myself a 2dr 255 over the weekend. I thought it might make a good start. I like the feedback, nimblyness and agility. I've not seen many 2drs are they rare, desirable or any better then a 4?
  4. Shame they didnt make more and import v6 Clios.....
  5. Hi All, I have had a few cars but looking to get into RS world. Have been looking for a FRB 182 Cup or Megane R26. Would be great to have some pointers, advice and information of events/meetings. Do you get along to Coffee and Cars at St Ives Showground, Sydney, NSW - first Sunday of each month? Looking to be part of the team OZRS! Cheers
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