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  1. I had a DC2 type R many years ago. Meg is obviously much quicker, but type R has a much better gear box. So far I am loving the exhaust crackles and pops of the Meg, and I think the LSD is a big plus.
  2. I like the orange, great colour, but this doesn’t sound logical... Is the yellow liquid yellow or a different yellow?
  3. 4 wheel drifts in these cars are fun! I took your advice and had the resonator removed today. Cost $88 and took less than 20 mins. It is a bit louder on normal mode, but not too loud just pottering around, no discernable drone, and on sport mode, much louder and frequent pops. Very happy so far, and I certainly don't feel the need to get a cat back exhaust or a straight through muffler for more noise.
  4. Thanks. I will check the menu.
  5. Can you upload a photo of your screen?
  6. That means you have RS monitor 2.0 which should have the adjustable throttle settings I need to read up a bit more about it.
  7. I don’t seem to be able to adjust my rhrottle setting, perhaps mine is not adjustable? My car is 2014 265 cup premium.
  8. Mine is a RS 265 cup premium. I could hear the pops now 👍. Will get the resonator taken off once I have some time.
  9. 😂 😂. I went for a spirited drive around some industrial areas last night and it didn’t do it. It was great to feel the effects of the LSD. Now I may need to read the manual again, but other than putting it in sport mode, is the throttle setting adjustable?
  10. Beautiful car and colour. My exhaust doesn't give any pops or crackles, even in sports mode, what am I doing wrong?
  11. Wantamanual

    RS265 or 275

    I just did. Bought one from a dealer in Melbourne, as I wanted a facelift model with Recaro seats but couldn't find one in Brisbane. I probably shouldn't have bothered. The car is fine, but came with no floor mats, and it was a hassle to have to pick up the car from the depot, get a CTP first before getting the safety certificate, and visit the transport department office to get it registered. So I lost most of the benefits of buying form a dealer, other than the security of getting a car with no financial incumbency. I looked at those 275's at a Brisbane dealer. They are ex rental, and I suspect most of the other 275's with 30-40k are as well. They might be a reasonable buy given the long remaining warranty, at the right price of course.
  12. I was looking at this car on carsale https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/_/OAG-AD-16367335?_ga=2.155644795.157653866.1536121924-1650635574.1536029738 I did a search of the VIN, and the report states that there is finance owing, from October 2015 when the car was first purchased. I spoke to the dealer earlier, who told me that the second owner had recently traded the car in. So why would it still have money owing from the initial loan taken out by the first owner if my interpretation of the report is correct? If I were to buy the car from a dealer am I guarantee a clear title with no money owing?
  13. Thanks for the info aaadamson. I think I should try to get a post facelift one, if the price is right.
  14. Liquid yellow is indeed a great colour!
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