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  1. Thanks for the offer for 1800 but that's what I can currently get ssw hockenheims in gloss black with some decent fallen fk510s. Would prefer the interlagos but not at that price with the sailun tyres and wheels being 3rd hand.

  2. I got mine off ebay for about $15 in leatherette with red stitching to match my RS flame red....😛
  3. Stop start not activated on sport, race. Other modes you can turn it off using one of the buttons on the centre console, however you do this for each trip you take as it resets when you turn engine off. I'm starting to master the exhaust in sport mode with pops and crackles in normal EDC mode (not EDC shift paddle mode). When gearing down to slow down a few light taps on throttle and then wait a second before accelerating gives a nice loud POP/bang followed by burbles when you lift off accelerator. Im sure there are more techniques out there to try but I driveability is awesome around to
  4. Thanks Paul, can it be changed to: SARS280
  5. Hi, question for admin.... when I joined OZRS was considering purchase of an RS and created an account without too much thought and used my current project car name KUGAST. Now that's I have an rS on order, I would like to be more frenchy to reflect the change of car. Therefore is it possible to change my account name or do I have to close my existing account and then re create myself in OZRS?
  6. Congrats. i ordered mine 2 months ago, red EDC with Bose. Delivery date late December, so basically same time to delivery from order date like you. I don't think colour is an issue, just a backlog of supply and demand to what the factory churns out. I thought about orange but after having highly modded xr5s and now 49 yrs old, I am going for the stealth look in red with wheels to be painted black.
  7. Thanks for feedback. Will def hit up dealership about 5 year warranty issue as well as service costs, though the novated lease issue will cover me for those costs for 5 year ownership. I tried the Clio RS200 a few years ago and was impressed with EDC setup. My wife has an i30SR and I only ever drive it via this shift paddles which is very good so I don't think I'll have a prob with rs280 edc setup. have seen just about every YouTube review on the rs280 and very impressed with the tech and quality so am ver you keen. Will know more on Tuesday after seeing my accountant and tax return
  8. Hi, I'm considering purchase of the upcoming RS280 and looking for advice on Renault reliability now they have dropped to 3 year warranty. Also what are service costs like compared to other brands. ive previously owned 2 x XR5's and currently a modded ford Kuga that is a 0-100kmh 5.9 second car. Looking at the rs280 EDC model in red and not looking to modify as it will likely be purchased though novated lease etc....
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