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  1. Do you remember that old warner bros cartoon with the big muscly bulldog walking on his knuckles and the little terrier running circles around him, bouncing and yabbering? That is my picture of any track battle between the whale (ute) and the clio
  2. I'm pleased to announce that I now own a clio!! And no, not taking the ute on the track, it is a whale
  3. Thanks for that Vaughan, I was thinking of doing exactly what you suggest, maybe just pads and tyres and drop as much weight as possible and learn how to use the cars capabilities
  4. Helloooooo, I am in the process of buying a Clio to use as a road legal track weapon. I am looking for a 172 or 182 which I can strip out and spend some time on learning how to drive on a track. I know you guys will be a valuable m ine of information and assistance when the time comes, look forward to speaking with some of you over the coming months! Bill
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