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  1. Thanks Cairnsy sounds great. Definitely interested in a track day, did a few at Wakefield in the Elise (albeit in the slower groups) and had a ball.
  2. Thanks Tony, I'm at green Point will keep my eye out for you.
  3. Hi all New owner of a '13 RS which I'm using as my daily drive commute from the Central Coast to the city. 38xxxkms in great condition I'm finding it's a good compromise and I'm not even minding the few traffic jams I've been in so far. Previously I've had a Lotus Elise as a weekend car but as I have 3 kids - it was fun for me only. The Megane keeps everyone happy and I must say, is such good value particularly given how many k's I put on them. I was looking at Skoda octavia RS, VW GTIs and Rs however the value in second hand (even immaculate) Megane's is outstanding.
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