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  1. Hey Guys, I know this is probably dead by now, but I just signed up only to reply to this just incase this is one lucky fella - But: 1. the 2006 Megane 225 F1 Team came in Blue as well as Black - albeit in even more limited numbers. The number of Blue ones (like mine) supersedes the Black ones in quantity by a large amount. 2. In 2006 the Megane 225 was only a 5 door version, with the 225 F1 Team offering the top specs of the tophy/cup etc on it's 3 door meganes. 3. The decals that come with the 225 F1 Team were an option only and so there were Blue and Black ones that left the dealerships without any. So, if I was going to anticipate whats happened here, its either: a. The car is a 2006 Megane 225 F1 Team in Black, no option for decals and the plaque has gone missing (to access the diagnostics you have to pop it off and sometimes the clips break like in my car so if this is the case its probably been replaced by a stock one by someone who wasn't aware of their status) b. Its not a 2006 model and hence could be a 225 3door but this is unlikely. c. The Vin model search result is incorrect in the register. Given the VIN, the year made, the colour and that the decals were an option - id be inclined to think this is a rare F1 Team 225 in black. Another way to check, provided we know the year is correct is: 1. Call Renault and ask 2. Check if you have a switch near the interior lighting brightness dial or cruise control that lets you switch of TRC at any speed. The F1 Team models are able to stay off over 35km/hr whilst regular non F1 Models will automatically turn back on when this speed is reached. Sorry to bore you all to death, hope this was helpful Andrew
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