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  1. Spotted driving towards Chatswood Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  2. Yay! Marcus! Keen to see how you progress with the car.
  3. My members' rides thread found here.
  4. No photos on the night of pick up because it was.... night. New member rides thread incoming!
  5. Pre purchase photo shoot! [emoji38][emoji38] Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  6. En route to purchase of a Megane RS 250 Trophy! Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  7. If I had the ED, I would still have a D series in it! Super fun no matter what kind of engine is inside one of those. That's exactly what I thought. Tires, pads, rotors and fluid. It would easily clock a faster time than the EP3 around Wakefield.
  8. I think I'm looking for a 250 Cup Trophee with the Recaros. It's just something about cars with Recaros that I'm drawn to. Your one does look ok though. Ha! I try to become involved in the car community wherever possible. It's fun to learn. EP3, I told myself I'd never sell. It's so good that it's boring (in the best way). It's practical, it's comfortable (enough), it has the looks (subjective), it's fast (for an NA) and most importantly, it's reliable. Currently, it's my daily driving track car! But for a Megane RS... I may have to give it up for. My brain says to sell
  9. Thanks! GBP to AUD is something I'm used to already. EP3 stuff is usually from the UK for the AUDM equivalent of parts. Generally cheaper than genuine Japanese parts. You have an EK or an EG in need of a K20? [emoji3] Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  10. I absolutely understand what you mean! The steering in the RS is fast. Similar to my MX5s. The heel toe way better than DC2R. Similar to my EP3. Having torque is new to me. And in addition, the stableness of the Megane RS makes you feel almost invincible. The key word is confidence. In the EP3, it's hard to gain the confidence. Sent you a PM to discuss further. I want to know the worst of the worst when it comes to owning a Megane RS. I haven't even had a look at the cars for sale, but all I've learnt is that these seem to be the essential first mods: resonator
  11. Hi Oz RS! My name is Jacky. I reside in the northern beaches of Sydney. I like cars, but FWD is what I am most familiar with. I currently own a 05 Honda Civic Type R of 4 years, first Australian owner. I have also bought 2 x silver MX5 NB8As (yes, two. I missed the first one so much, I bought another. In the same body and colour!). Anyway, reason why I'm here. I drove a mate's Megane RS 250 Cup. (I didn't tell him I'm joining the forum, but he might find me on here - ha!) Went for a drive up to the Broke area via Putty Road and was amazed. I can understand why the Megane RS i
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