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  1. Mine show bar pressure (i.e 2.6 bar front / 2.4 bar rear) - can this be changed to PSI - have not seen the option to change in the settings?
  2. the 220 has auto dipping headlight when on Auto High Beam - looks to be a camera behind the rear view mirror that senses oncoming headlights and built up areas which automatically drops the high beam to low beam and back again .
  3. Thanks for the welcomes... having a good time so far with the Renault experience... unlike my previous rides I think I'll hang on to this. Been reading about servicing experiences and probably look to Auto Paris in Box Hill rather than the dealer network (closest being Watson Holden / Renault in Bundoora)...
  4. Hi all - just joined up - this is my first Renault - been looking for some time for a wagon an pulled the trigger. 2015 with all the bells and whistles.... Great so far! Not an RS but here I am .... prior to this had 2006 SV6 Commodore, 2007 Alfa 159 Wagon 2.2 JTS, 2009 SAAB 93 Wagon 2.0T, 2011 Lancer VRX liftback, 2003 Mini Cooper S, 2006 Campry Sportivo V6 5sp Manual. Both the Alfa and the Mini were bad experiences in reliability....followed closely by the Commodore... (had 2 MX5s an MGTF160 and Valiant Charger as weekenders during that time). Weekenders a Vespa GTS300 now (had a BMW R1100S before that)....so yeah kinda car / motorcycle nut) Looking forward to getting out there with the RS Owners soon! Heres a recent piccy!
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