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  1. Thanks Cairnsy! Just recently found out the 265 had 2 looks, I like the 'panda' look on mine, matches the moonroof anyhoo. Bloody pumped. Just let the wife have her first go tonight. Turned Sports Mode on once she had proven herself.
  2. Haha, poor bugger. 21k's is a good sprint. I should book in a Great Alpine Rd trip. Heard there's some nice roads down in South Gippsland but can't find the details. I know the road to Walhalla is a little bit of fun, but quite short.
  3. Doc, I absolutely love it!!! I haven't had this much fun in a car that I've owned. I love everything about it. Now, of course, I want to pimp it, in style. Thinking I might tint it (it's not tinted) and do the remap at least, then the mid box delete. Just trying to find a good place to do it down my way. Saw a post about the rear bar, not sure I'll start there as I do need to use it as a daily driver and the ride is already quite stiff (which I do like), but can pound the kidneys a bit...
  4. Thx mate! I reckon I'll be back fairly soon.
  5. I've done Mt Buffalo in a beat up panel van - will def add it to the hit list!
  6. Thanks Sam! I'm going to head up there for a weekend again, stay at Marysville, and have a go at Lake Mountain before the snow season. Any other awesome drives you know of?
  7. Howdy guys, Firstly I want to say thanks to all you top blokes/chicks - you made my purchasing decision on a 2013 RS 265 Cup+ a very easy one. The info and insights you share gave me so much confidence. And I tell you, I haven't regretted a second - in fact you've turned me into an addict. I've found myself sitting in my car on my lunch break just to be closer to her - I'm not myself... 😳 Thanks guys! Secondly, it looks like the natural progression is to get a remote re-map done by RS Tuning in UK, and delete the mid resonator. Is it best to buy the remote kit new from RS, or is it ok to source 2nd hand? AND any recommendation on where to go in Melbs - Central or Sth East for the exhaust update? Thirdly, here's some pics of my Meg Pre-EPIC drive on the Jamieson-Eildon Rd yesterday - with mandatory ale at the brewery. (She's a bit filthy in the pics, but clean now) Cheers! Dave
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